The Garden Center – Rules and Regulations

1.  Contact the Resident Manager (RM)for all rental requests.  Renter must be 21 years of age.  Arrangements  for advanced preparation of the Club by the hostess, decorator, or caterer, etc., must be made with the RM.  Rental times include set up, event, and clean up.  Limitations, restrictions, or cancellations may be imposed at RM’s discretion to protect the house, grounds, or individuals. 

2. A refundable security deposit/damage fee is required to book a reservation for each date reserved.  This deposit/fee is in addition to the rental rate charges.  If the renter changes the event dates, they will pay an additional security deposit/damage fee.  If the Resident Manager is able to rent the club for the original date, the first security/damage fee will then be refunded.  If multiple days are rented, each requires a deposit and each refund is considered contingent to its date only.  Refunds are dependent on damages and/or adherence to rules.

3. Fees:  ALL rental fees are due at 90 days prior to the event.   Rental fees not received by this time prior to the event will be charged a $50 late fee to be paid in cash or by certified, cashier’s or bank check.  Returned checks will be charged $25 plus the bank fees.  Additional time for set-up and clean up may be requested up until 14 days prior to the event.  If there are no scheduling conflicts, those hours will be scheduled at a charge of $50 per hour payable in cash at that time.  Any additional time over these prepaid, contracted hours will be charged $100 for the first hour and an additional $100 at the beginning of each hour thereafter. 

4.  If the event is contracted within 90 days of the event, all fees are due at the time the contract is signed.  If the event is contracted within 14 days from the event date, the fees are due at the signing and must be paid with a certified, cashier’s, or bank check or cash. 

5. Refund Policy1) For cancellation:  If a rental is canceled within six (6) months or 180 days prior to the event, the renting party will forfeit half of the security deposit.  2)  If event is cancelled within 60 days of the event, the rental party will forfeit the security deposit and half (1/2) the rental fee.  3) If a rental is canceled within 30 days prior to the event, the rental party will forfeit all monies.  4) After event:  All or part of the security deposit/damage fee will be refunded within two weeks after the event according to any exceptions as stated above, i.e. rescheduling, damage to property, extended hours, contract/rule violations, etc. 

6. House furniture and property(except folding chairs and tables) may not be moved, but additional tables and chairs may be set up.  All Garden Club tables and/or chairs used must be stacked neatly on the rolling racks and returned to the ballroom’s front closet after use.  All Garden Club equipment used, except tablecloths, must be cleaned and put away in the proper places immediately after the event.  Tablecloths should be collected and given to the resident manager for laundering.  The moving of any furniture or furnishing will result in loss of security deposit.

7.  Materials and furniture provided by rental companies must be removed the first business day following the event at a time pre-arranged with the resident manager.  All materials and supplies provided by caterers and florists must be removed on the day of the event.  A charge of $50 will be deducted from the security/damage fee for each day items are left at the Garden Club

8.  Protective pads are provided and must be used on the dining room table.  Saucers, plates, and/or napkins must be used when serving food and/or beverages. (See #11)

9.  The Garden Club kitchen is not licensed by the Florida Health Dept. for catering.  The microwave and stove are to be used for warming only.  Frying and/or cooking is allowed only in the rear parking area. 

10.  Rules for the prevention of fire will be strictly enforced.  Candles are strictly prohibited on all mantels and tables against walls.  Smoking is prohibited indoors.  No fires are permitted in the fireplaces.  Fire extinguishers are located in the kitchen, on the stage and at the top of the stairs.  Cigarette butts outdoors must be properly disposed of in containers provided.

11.  If alcoholic beverages are served a bartender must be provided by the renter.  The bartender must assure that minors are not served alcoholic beverages (by ID checks if necessary) and that consumption levels are not excessive.    Alcohol consumption is limited to the property.  Bars may not be set up in the parlor or dining room.  Floors must be protected from melting ice.

12.  No nails, staples, push pins, tape or any type of adhesives are to be used on woodwork, walls(interior or exterior), ceiling, mantels or any part of TGC.

13.  No rice, birdseed or sparklers (fireworks) are allowed.  Outside litter caused by an event is to be picked up and placed in trash receptables.  In the event trash is left on the grounds, a labor charge for clean-up will be deducted from the deposit/security fee.

14.  The rental party is responsible for placing all trash and garbage in the outside garbage cans located in the green arbor next to the patio.  Large plastic trash bags are provided for this purpose. 

15.  To maintain the elegant atmosphere of this historic property any children attending events should be closely supervised at all times.  No pets are allowed at any time.

16.  All events must conclude early enough that clean-up can be completed by 11:30pm.

17.  The rental host, or his/her representative designated in the contract, must remain at the Garden Club until all guests have departed and then must sign out with the Resident Manager.  Failure to do so may cause forfeiture of security deposit.